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Cai Jewels Fashion Necklace Jewelry – Germany

Brand name: Cai Jewels






Brand Facts:

Cai Jewels is a global leading fashion brand specializing in designing and manufacturing unique jewelry like earrings, rings, necklaces, bangles and other accessories.

They supply urban jewelry for both men and women, both lines are designed to be stylish and charming which are popular in the worldwide.


Main Categories:

Women’s jewelry, men’s jewelry, love jewelry


Time and place: 2005, Germany

Early products: jewelry

Founder: Gregor Kroll


Headquarter Location:
Ebereschenweg, Pforzheim, Germany


Worldwide Locations:

Germany, Austria, Finland, Switzerland, France, UAE, US, Denmark, Moldova, Sweden, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, Spain


New Arrivals




Price Range:

Fashion jewelry: USD39-USD289

Official Website: