Brooch Pin History

The PIN was never the virtues of a symbol, like the ring or pendant jewel. Confined in the useful. His ancestor, the fibula, was she not loaded together wisely the folds of a garment? When she slipped to a more decorative register, she kept this divinely singular place in the world of jewellery. The PIN is never lent to familiarity.Jewel of parade to be a gem of skin, it highlights the garment to default to sublimate the skin tone. Women have treed it for decades with a systematic who revealed its success. Then, in the 1980s, it disappeared from all frames. Parked in its case, it took a thousand years time of a breath. Young women her disdained and old avoided it. Is it not scratched shamelessly finest silks? Her story was so crossed to a long-term unlove… In the 80s-90s, jewelers don’t is there scared more.Besides fashion, good girl, out of purgatory one morning. Discount on the ranks out of advertising campaigns, she covered the sunlights and beautiful.

François Curiel, president of Christie’s Europe and Director of the international Department of jewellery is, bluntly, the apology for this gem, sensual and playful.”If we establish a ranking, the PIN held second position, just behind the ring, always emblematic. This is the most creative jewel, which lends itself to endless combinations… different stones, different shapes, different colors… While the client who is looking for a ring will worry in priority to the quality of the gem, who like the pins will focus on design. In the sale of 12 December, we presented a model consisting of a beautiful set of diamonds of various sizes – shuttles, round, chopsticks – who has been penalized by a drawing heavy and awkward. The PIN goes hand in hand with the bold, is not a static piece of jewelry, it can be worn in a thousand ways, shifted on the shoulder, classic on the lapel of a jacket. “I remember a reception where the hostess had amused herself by poking them on the ground.”
The PIN does not live near the face, not hiding behind any artifice, an opulent hair, or in the folds of a satin. “It is a gem that is approached from the front, note Frédéric Chambre, Pierre Bergé’s right arm. For this reason, extravagance fits him perfectly. More than debauchery colors, by the way.” For all the specialists, then the most prominent today is the period Art deco. But the PIN clings better than any other jewel to themes that keeps customers coming back. “Some people collect flowers, other nodes or even the 1950s animals… says Chantal Beauvois, expert for the House Tajan. However, it is preferable that the PIN be signed. The claws always have an impact on prices.”
The small pins they now kept away? “Sheaves of diamonds ‘ 70s, too spindly, are difficult to sell,” said Chantal Beauvois. “Except when the parts are of exceptional quality, concludes François Curiel. This then becomes the height of refinement… “.