Bouquet Made of Buttons

An idea that is gaining strength in Brazil and winning more and more devotees is the bridal bouquet made of buttons.

In addition to innovative, he gives a vintage air and different in visual, but above all should match the style of the bride.

These bouquets, ribbons, feathers, flowers, crystals, pearls, Rhinestones, and what else your imagination…. Buttons that can be thin bijoux or jewelry.

Usually, brides joining pieces inherited from the family with brooches store at antique fairs and some new. Many often ask for the sisters, cousins and friends closer to give you a blow job to mount the bouquet. The interesting thing is that it will be a full of character and loaded with tributes, stories and a lot of affection.

Not to mention that in this type of bouquet you can insert the tradition for good luck in marriage, to use something new, something old (head of the grandmother, godmother etc.), something borrowed (e.g., aunt, friend) and something blue (a play, even if hidden, in the case of the bouquet of different color…).

There are already people who specialize in making bouquets of brooches, being also a great tip for the DIY (do it yourself), for those who got it, of course!

You’re married we select some models of bouquet of brooches as inspiration. Check out!

And who says the bride’s Bouquet has to have fresh flowers to be beautiful? Liked it? Leave your comment.