Bewooden Wooden Flies: the Gift Idea for the Man

I plead guilty, dear men.In the past, you have come a little short at our jewelery of the week.But hey, for this I present to you today a very special accessory, which you have certainly not seen so often.Promised!Because for this post I’ve picked you a wood fly from BeWooden.Moment, a wood fly?Yes, read correctly, which really exists.And the model that I present to you today is the perfect start.

Dama: A stylish wooden fly from BeWooden

With this wooden fly you can admire admiring glances.There are several good reasons for this.Firstly, it is a fly made of wood.This is probably the best reason.Because it already distinguishes it from all the flies you know otherwise. Wood is quite different from cotton, silk or polyester.The wood fly has a noble shine and is made from two-colored ash wood.Which is why we are already at the second reason, which speaks for this wood fly: you do not have to bind it yourself, because the wood was already ground in shape.An absolute plus when you are nervous, have no time or just do not have the gene to tie a fly halfway tidy.And the third reason is simple and simple in design: The wood fly is made of light ash wood and equipped with a middle section in the Vichy look.This gives the fly a very charming vintage character.

Trend 2014: Fly from wood

I think wood flies have earned much more attention than they have received so far.They are incredibly versatile, made of different woods, stylish and individual.Flies of wood should be a trend.Moreover, they should be an accessory that every style-conscious man possesses.Flies of wood are somewhat looser but elegant.The beauty here is that they not only fit well to rather festive occasions, but also optimally to the casual casual look.With the wood fly Dama you succeed in the wonderful.Their charming design in the style of the 50s fits super bright shirts.So a rather strict outfit gets a much lighter look.The light ash wood is friendly and overall, this wood fly is a really very grateful accessory.Thanks to an elastic band, it is easy to play.You do not have to do anything, the form is always right.And in the Nullkommanichts, you have created, without much effort, a new look.

A really stylish and practical accessory, this wood fly!What do you all mean?And should not the design still fully agree:We have also many more wood flies, which are already waiting for you.