Benefits of Wearing Jewelry

The necklace remains a fashion accessory essential and timeless. Why? Just because the necklace brightens your face.

Yes ladies, gold and silver act as a mirror ball around your neck. Thanks to collar the slightest ray of light reflects on your skin, giving you magically, a shot of instant radiance.

The jewelry rather colorful fantasies are rather here to give a little more to your outfits. In short, the collar in addition to illuminate you, dress your neckline.

Whether chic or girly, giant necklaces are very popular in the collections of accessories. You can dare eccentricity with a necklace in the minds of parades fashion week . So go ahead and follow our advice to know what necklace will be the most fashionable to make you even more sexy . Bechra Dominguez

The silver necklace

Many of you love silver necklaces so we tried to find some original enough to be noticed.

Benefits of Wearing Jewelry

By year’s end, you’ll love this little silver necklace wrong reminiscent of the magic of the holidays. The gloss gives you the opportunity to play the card crystal rhinestones… or downright diamond.
The Erotic examine more to this sparkling heart .

Superstitious will appreciate this silver necklace and glass.Mounted as a Venetian mirror, the little love will watch over you and move away the bad vibes. The shape of the mirror is reminiscent of the hand of Fatma, lucky in Eastern culture.

The old necklace

Collier © Arthus Bertrand

You what you like is the purity of gold: one of the most precious metals in the world. So here’s what awaken your curiosity. First, thefour-leaf clover in original pink gold and good luck: we love!

You will shine a thousand lights with ” pearl Dream “. With its radiation prism that could evoke the memory, the pearl looks like a star for médailler Arthus Bertrand. This collar will release a real ray of sunshine to your face.

One ends in style with this star-studded pendant in yellow gold that will make you a star!

The necklaces multirangs

Tired of the small chainette, what you want is a bit of originality then dare the necklaces multi ranks . This is the option several necklaces in one. Start with the most simple.

If you’re more classical, collar several silver chain and pendant is for you, this version also comes in a minimalist version with fewer channels and without pendant.

For a total seventies look with the long necklace gold metal very Madonna and so sexy on a huge cleavage. The steep fall crazy rockers model black and white full of rows.

Benefits of Wearing Jewelry 1

The funky colorful necklaces

As a major type of jewelry listed on Songaah, a necklace can afford to be colored. Yes ladies, imagine: you, your little black dress, abag flashy, the shoes funky and evening accessories chic shock!

For fans of the ethnic look , go for this necklace with colored flamboyant and crossed expertly ranks! Think constantly in your last vacation on the water? This small pendant will warm your heart. This little tongue in Brazilian colors gives some color. And we do not make fun of Ipitonga  : it is all gold …

Finally, this small necklace charm will soften the most romantic of you colored beads mixture and money will stretch more than one.

Benefits of Wearing Jewelry 2

The creative necklaces

Because the collars are not always made of precious metals, was selected a series of models of all kinds. First, this pearl necklace that will give a colorful and natural touch to your outfit.

Take a look at this pendant Apple and Serpent that is reminiscent of the story of Adam and Eve. Chanel amazes us with this very refined but no less friendly model. Very air, this necklace seems straight out of the 1960s

with its Byzantine form and splendid yellow color, this vintage necklace is a rare model created by Scemama in 1970 for Yves Saint Laurent. It will accompany your most stylish outfits.

Finally, a nice small room that you will agree. Look what girly necklace wish! All colorful, it is ideal for moms like the coquettish young girls. To afford or sting between mother and daughter at will … they will say anything, promise!

Benefits of Wearing Jewelry 3