Beaded Brooch Designs

Embroidered beads brooches-this creation of “Made by hand”-the art of making things with his hands, which today is very popular and not only refer to decor, but also for cosmetics.
Champagne brooches today have animalistichnuyu trend and a form of birds and zverushek. Not infrequently occurring more neutral-plant subject that is fit girls a little older-if worn broshku in the form of an owl may be very young lady, girls, representing the category of a more mature audience, choose flowers leaves.

Beautiful beaded brooches: owls and flowers

So, consider brooches beads more closely: what is their uniqueness, what is the secret of popularity and which ones are the most popular to date.

Owl brooch made of beads

Owl-it’s complex enough composition for demonstration ideas are necessary elements that will give the eyes, wings and body. So brooches made of beads and stones, as a rule, refer to “sovinoy” Related.

Owl brooch can be detailed or sketchiness, and present several selected objects-ellipses and circles of different sizes, and triangle – expression “face” of an owl. Detailed owl may even have a different color of the wings.

Brooch Flower Beads

Brooch, embroidered with beads without “participation” of stones or beads, as a rule, is a plant related to the topic. Among them the most popular are the following two types:

  • Beaded Brooch Rose rarely created without branches and leaves – so it seems compositionally and more interesting.
  • Poppy brooch made of beads-another popular flower at sweaters and dresses lady. Mackie today experiencing incredible popularity and image of these colors are found not only jewelry, but also in the design of textiles, utensils.
  • Brooch Butterfly Beads Brooch made of beads and beads most often refers to issues related to insects. All entries are hitting butterflies, but they synchronized and beetles and dragonflies.

    Butterfly-shaped in terms of needlework – a true gift, after all, with all the simplicity forms they allow you to showcase the beauty brooches using the accommodation wings of beads, and in rare cases – stones.

    Butterflies and owls can be shematichnыmi or detalizirovannыmi. Detailed butterflies with a demonstration of the “ins and outs” decor-with a mustache, body and wings are running hard, but the result surpasses effort. As a result, this leads to really beautiful butterflies, especially if beads and beads refers to a color palette.
    Shematichnыe butterflies seem funny and simple, that does not make them less attractive.