Ayala Bar Spring Summer 2014

For its line spring-summer 2014, the Israeli jewelry designer is inspired by the Mexican artist canvases: precious jewels on the border between dream and reality.

Frida Kahlo continues to dream, museums as the fashion world.

After the exhibition in Paris, the most important works of Mexican painter are ready to land in the capital where he is expected to unparalleled success. But that’s not all.

Even the world of fashion and accessories is inspired by the artist symbol of Mexico, especially in one of the most famous phrases of Kahlo: “I have always painted my own reality, not my dreams.”

The pictorial surrealism, the parallels between what is real and what is dream, the inner state and the way in which the artist perceives the outside world, its embodiment and spirituality influenced appreciably the spring-summer collection 2014 Ayala bar, Israeli designer costume jewelery.

Refined and sophisticated accessories, but especially valuable, thought of as a work of wearable art, with its details, the details of the material and chromatic contrasts to accentuate the femininity of every woman who wants to feel beautiful and original.

Hence, the spring-summer line 2014 collection where feelings and emotions come together to create a unique sensory combination, just like the paintings of Frida Kahlo. Light meets the color creating three collections of bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants and sautoir: Classic, Hip and Radiance.

Three lines with a common thread: the grace and feminine charm. The nuances of the summer sea, the blue of the spring sky, a nature that looks like a dream but in reality is immortalized in Ayala Bar jewelry, such as mini frescoes of the Classic collection, where the real protagonists are the crystals, component and stones with unique shapes and sinuous.Real sculptures including rings, chokers, medallions and brooches to embellish our everyday life, always a source of inspiration for designers.