Ask Manolo: Quirky Cuff Links


I wonder if the fastening of cuffs. There are two ways to snap on, one feels hitch and looks funny. It’s the way when one snaps inside towards the inside. However, I have a feeling that it is a rather common way to snap on.Can you locate someone nice rule about this also?


Hi Martin
There is a nice rule. Shirts requiring cufflinks closes are not in the same way as shirts with ordinary button. Snap cuffs inside towards the inside is not only quite common. It is the only correct way.

If you look a little closer at manschettknappen you can see that the link between the front and the back is curved (unless it consists of a small chain or the like, of course). Manschettknappen should be positioned so that it bends away from the arm. Then get the cuffs of their correct shape and front and back cover of button is nicely against the fabric.

Instead of a cufflink may make use of the much cheaper, but nevertheless not less formal or fancy silk knot according to homosociety. It consists of a short piece of string with a knot at each end (see photo). It is also called a monkey’s fist after the name of knopen. A colour-coordinated such often follow with finer shirts without buttons in the cuff.