Are Streaks Still This Year?

On shirts, hoodies and many other articles of clothing of your choice. They are found everywhere. Block strips, cross strips, narrow stripes, wide stripes – in all colors. For some years now you can find them again in the stores. And yes, stripes are still the right year. So you can wear your striped shirt without fear, the trend would be yesterday.

And honestly, stripes were never gone. They are just too smart for that. Or too off-set, depending on how they are combined and what they are used for. Formerly a recognition mark of seafarers, then modeliebling, later stylistic feature of rebels and punks and until today a constantly recurring trend. No season without them, somewhere they are always found. According to Fashionconfidentials, some looks, such as Cufflinks with a classic, maritime look, with thin blue or red cross strips are now standard, they are considered as a base line and investment, which is worthwhile in the long run.

Some designers are more connected to the stripe pattern than others. This is without question Jean Paul Gaultier. His trademark is the white shirt with narrow, blue cross strips. And of course it was not. For almost 20 years a very definite scent of him is a bestseller and a perfumery without it difficult to imagine. You know what perfume I mean here: the gentleman “Le Male”, stylish and timeless in the bottle, which imitates a torso with a striped shirt. You see, stripes are simply not to be imagined.

Which stripe pattern is ideal for my figure?

Okay, just imagine you’re on an extended shopping spree.And now, stripes in all variants and on so many, great pieces of clothing are laughing.Where should you access and what better leave your fingers?It’s not that easy to decide, you know that.

Not everyone has a model, but you do not have to do without stripes.This season you will find many beautiful, striped sweaters in the shops.But was there not this basic rule that cross strips apply?Forget it, almost at least almost.Also, who has something more on the ribs, may wear them.The cross strips should not be too wide, the sweater should be loose and the fabric should be a rather airy fabric.This also has the advantage that you do not have to put your sweater in the closet after winter, you can wear it on cooler spring days or fresh summer nights.Striped trousers or leggings can be left in the shop on the left, which unfortunately bear unfavorably.

If you’re brave and have long, narrow legs, you can still use striped trousers.Black and white block strips are just the racer.Strikingly guaranteed, especially if you give the look some color.A colored accent does not hurt this outfit.Trousers in punk style to cute, girlish rings?Why not!But leave it with a patterned part.If it is not the striped pants, then you will surely find a striped vest or a blazer in this design.Looks great and can be combined well.

You find fashion with stripes is nothing for you?But do you really want to do without it?The magic word is accessories.It is clear, for example, that you can hardly go past bags with block or cross strips.Is a super compromise and of course suitable for every figure.

And what do I wear as a man?

Stripes are also an issue in the men’s fashion.In addition to the maritime look with summery t-shirts or sweaters, the men now also find simple shirts with few, wide stripes, which are somewhat reminiscent of color-blocking.If you like blockstripe, you will find many beautiful sweaters or sweaters in the men’s department of the fashion houses.It is also a bit more colorful, if a man dares.And for the summer, the prospects remain quite relaxed.If you can not wait, you can already cover up with casual shorts in the stripe design.Unlike the tops, there are no strict strip patterns, everything is a little more relaxed.Just as man and woman wish for a relaxed summer day.