Animal Print Straight from Tokyo

What’s up, people? How was Valentine’s weekend? Oh, you’re going to tell me that you only celebrate the day? HIHIHI

Mine was nice and easy. Like I said, I’d rather stay home than face the queues of the restaurants here.

Animal Print Straight from Tokyo 1

According to barbleJewelry,  personally I was curious about the Valentine’s day gift such as bracelets  from the boy that I posted on Saturday (here), today I can put an end to the mystery.

Chess chosen from Jeremy was this! I think he likes it (if you don’t like it, pretended great because he left using the same day).

Well, I’m sorry the posts. I was crazy by drawing a new pro blog design (which you will see soon!!!) and I ended up leaving the side itself. But, here I am ready for an intense week of posts.

But, since it is Sunday and the week has not yet officially started, I’ll take to post one last lookzinho that had been missing from the trip.Outside that, so, I kill a bit of nostalgia from my vacation.

Animal Print Straight from Tokyo 2

So, come on. I’m going to enjoy that this will be the last post about the trip to do a quick balance of purchases. The cool thing about traveling to these exotic places is that there’s so much to see, so much new, you even forget to shop.

In Thailand it was pretty easy to keep it together (except for the surprise that was the Jaspal, I told you here). But when you are faced with huge boulevards with shops the size of buildings is pulled over to resist. I tried to avoid a lot of the stores and focus on the experiences that had nothing to do with shopping. My filter was: get in stores that I consider cheap and not in Brazil. IE: H & M.

I didn’t buy a lot. I tried practically the whole store, but I was very selective in purchases. First of all, I wanted to choose things that I could use right now. This meant that, although the collection spring/summer from there, could be adapted to the fall/winter. And, that’s exactly with this reasoning in mind, the jacket’s look was taken home.

Animal Print Straight from Tokyo 3

He is wide, has a blunt, but not enough to warm taaaanto. The kind of play that, here in São Paulo, will have use all year. And as the falling for the pattern? Was so much love that I bought in a day and used the next day even.

The cool thing is that the pet is of these pieces you don’t need anything else to be happy. And on top of that a lot of things. On the look of today, I tried to leave him well basicão, combining with only good parts. To finish, just a touch of gold, not to be boring.

Who was curious, the place where the photos were taken today is the Gyoen National Park in Tokyo. The Park is beautiful and worth a visit and a picnic, o.

And as soon as we finish the chapter holiday trip. And I here counting the days to the next.