A Timeless Beauty Myth

It just remains unforgotten and will always be associated with a very specific role: Audrey Hepburn. If I hear her name, I always have a very specific picture in mind. The young actress in her probably biggest role. The role that still gives you the status of a stylic. Sure you now know what role I mean. The young Holly Golightly, who moves in the luxurious circles of the New York High Society and would like to be a permanent part of this noble company. The film ” Breakfast at Tiffany ” is a classic and even decades after the filming he has lost none of its charm.

This is precisely the case with the stylicone Audrey Hepburn.This year her death will be the 20th time.Illustrated books are published, which recall their beauty.A myth is celebrated.The style was never forgotten and always modern.Her garments from her (film) fundus, such as the black cocktail dress by Givenchy, still achieve record figures at auctions.

One of the most famous poses of film history

If you enter into the search engines breakfast at Tiffany, you get right at the beginning innumerable links to the picture, which I mean.A scene of the film in which she puts herself perfectly into the scene.It combines femininity and elegance.And at the same time embodies a new, self-confident image of women.She smiles at the camera, fixes her opposite and holds a cigarette with an elegant cigarette holder for ladies in her hand.

Very casual and yet somehow full of elegance.She is wearing a tight black dress, a timeless classic.Crinkles with a shining diadem in her hair and shows a necklace that no one can easily overlook.A performance that is perfectly staged.And then find their completion in makeup and hairstyle.

A style for generations

Audrey Hepburn has always reinvented it. But what makes this famous Tiffany hairstyle so unique that they imitate generations of women to this day?After all, it is only a top-up cutout.An explanation for this can be found in the film itself. Here a woman appears who is looking for her happiness.However, she does not leave her fortune to chance, which energetically pursues a plan.In the end, she finds her happiness, albeit differently.True love prevails.And it remains a good feeling back.All’s well that ends well.

Something like this is a thing of the past.You want to feel like the young Holly, self-confident, charming and yet feminine and seductive.But it is usually not.Who copying this hair style, usually goes one step further.Because the styling is perfect only when the makeup is also sitting.A broad kaleidoscope attracts the eyes magically.It does not need much more, the rest of the makeup is discreet.

If you are looking for suitable proposals, you will find on the Internet in numerous forums.No matter whether for the next costume or mottoparty or as an elegant hairstyle to go out.

Have you discovered the style of Audrey Hepburn for you?Have you ever dressed up as Holly Golightly?Or would you prefer the charming short-haired haircut, which Audrey Hepburn already described as a stylist in the 50s?