5 Reasons to Buy Ear Cuff

The ear cuff is a very particular earring that doesn’t require holes, you rest easily along the outer ear and invokes the punk fashion, that transgressive, strong 90s, is a high-impact earring, lying with spikes and studs. Today, however, the ear cuff is not only transgression, also because it is based on the traditional Indian earrings and there are so many models very sober and romantic. The ear cuff is taken only on one side and on the other ear is good to put a diamond or a bead, something very simple. Here, then, 5 reasons to buy the ear cuff.

Change their appearance

One of the fundamental reasons to buy the ear cuff is change. If you are tired of the usual earrings, now is the time to buy this gem. There are more elaborate and elegant models for the evening, but there are others, sober and elegant which can also be worn to go to work, to put a jewel new and different, instead of the usual accessories.

To avoid the bore on lobes

Position the ear cuff on the ear is very easy, says PSYKNOWHOW because you don’t need to have pierced ears. Most of these earrings suits the border measure headset and engages with a push. There are beautiful, dragons, snakes and other forms that you twisted your ear without having to have the lobe drilled to insert the earring.

Avoid wearing jewelry

The effect of ear cuff is so beautiful, sparkling and complete that one should not wear other jewelry. Recalling the Indian fashion, these gems can be purchased in rich patterns of rhinestones, feathers, taking all the ear and are impressive. Then just wear only the ear cuff with hair tied up, to highlight a very special jewel.

Be different from the others

Were made so many irresistible patterns of ear cuff, that for those who want to stand out and get out of the box this is the jewel. There are some extremely romantic butterflies representing musical notes for we love music, others in glass, pearls, daisies and roses for a gently look chic, but also delicate snowflakes or, for those who love the fantasy, unicorns and winged characters.

Be fashionable

The fundamental reason for people who want to buy the ear cuff is being fashionable. It is the accessory of the moment, take him all stars and produced it all major fashion brands, in elegant and sophisticated versions. The most appreciated by the stars is what fits into the hollow lobe as a simple earring, it is applied to a further decoration that emerges from the outer lobe.