3D – Ring Made of Stainless Steel • Monomer Organic 3D – Ring

The 3D-Ring of monomeric has me excited immediately and brought me closer for the first time with the possibilities of 3D printing. Was new to me also, that it is possible with the 3D-Drucktechnik in the meantime also in metal.

The name of the label could be therefore not more aptly chosen. «monomeric «item “and known in chemistry individual molecules, which in turn can be chained with other means in Greek»

Nothing happens in the production of the 3D-Rings. Powdered metal is melted by a laser, the molecules are rearranged and rebuilt in the desired shape. Can create new forms that are not possible with conventional manufacturing processes such as injection moulding or the artisan goldsmiths are this way.

The 3D-Ringe of monomeric are designed as hollow, the structure spans such a network to an invisible body and gives her form the rings as a result. It comes out beautifully delicate and yet at the same time monumental-looking piece of jewelry.

monomeric the ring pattern has to have a male name the 3D-Ring in many different shapes and patterns on offer, while the ring geometries are named after a female character from Greek mythology.

Of course, the beautiful pieces of jewelry can directly in the Shop of monomer be selected in many different materials according to sportsqna.com.

«If you want to learn more about the 3D printing you can read also on the website of monomer or here on my blog in the post»3D printing«.