Divers Watches for Sale

Divers Watch exists both for the more experienced diver and recreational diver. The first thing you need to assess when you purchase a diver’s small clock is the water resistance as you want. Water resistance is linked to the depth, and whether the Agency can handle it great pressure underwater. A true diver’s watch must at a minimum be tested for water resistance equivalent to a minimum of 10 ATM (meters). If you are a serious diver and be down by more than 10 meters, you need a watch that can withstand 20 ATM (200 m) or more. So you are assured that it not takes water in, once you get down into the depths. If you’re just looking for a watch that can withstand water, or you want to use your watch when you swim, is a watch tested with 3 ATM pressure well enough. A good mnemonic is to 1ATM is equal to 10 meters. A diver’s watch can have many different functions such as digital thermometer for measuring air and water temperature, digital depth gauge, which are automatically activated by 1 meter depth and some watches have also alarm at the rapid ascent. Common to all divers watch is that it is important to go for a watch, where the surface is ready, so you will not be in doubt, when you look at the clock in 200 m depth. There are many watchmakers which offer Citizen and Seiko divers’ watch, so it can be hard to choose. On this page we have gathered some of the best selection, so you can look around and find the diver’s watch that best suits you.

Women's Stainless Steel Quartz Watch with Teardrop Bracelet Fold-over ClaspWomen's Stainless Steel Quartz Watch with Teardrop Bracelet Fold-over Clasp

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